THURSDAY 27th JULY 2017 10.00 – 15.30

Using the event programme I @kirstyOT have summaried my thoughts,feelings & reflection of the day in italics below!

10:00 – 10:20

Registration, Welcome and Introductions Dr Jo Watson, RCOT, Assistant Director – Education and Research

10.20 – 10.25
Feedback from delegates via Mentimeter – this is a great way of gathering feedback when everyone in the room has a smartphone. Really interactive and instant! Will be totally using this in my practice!.

10.25 – 11.10 Planning your next learning steps with the Career Framework, Dr Stephanie Tempest, RCOT, Education Manager -Professional Development

This was streamed live on facebook and can be found here – (scroll to the 27.07.17 and you’ll see ‘live video’).

THE #RCOTCareerFramework will be out this September and the presentation is well work a look at. Look on twitter for a sneaky peak of the 4 pillars and 9 levels! The 36 principles will come out with a guidance document in Sept 2017!

11.15 – 1pm

World Café – this was super speedy way of theRCOT to tell us how they can support us as New Grads. There was no time for verbal discussion but we had an opportunity to feedback on each café postcards. Plus there was A LOT of snacks!!

There was 4 ‘session in all’ and here are the key points I took from each.

Specialist sections

  • Did you know you can claim back over £100 from the tax man if you are a RCOT member EVERY YEAR!! Link is at the bottom of the ‘join us’ section of the rcot website! 
  • Membership for regional groups is automatic and you are all in the ‘Eastern Region’ – you can apply and claim up to £100 towards training each year.
  • Membership to specialist sections range from £20-40 per year and you can have access to lots of specific information.


  • Only thing I took from this session is that there is biweekly research newsletters – to subscribe email and provide your BT membership no.

Professional adviser

  • There was a big push from the college to prevent and deter us from shortening our title to OT! We are occupational therapists (OWN IT)!
  • Also Anne Keen – Professional Adviser is happy to speak to any of us, her email

Rcot library

  • Basically we went through all the cool stuff that the library offers us as members which is now so much more easily accessible since the website updated! Yipeeeee


1.45 – 2.15 Media and Learning, Andrew Sharratt, RCOT, Head of Media Relations

This was where the ‘improving lives, saving money’ campaign was talked about. We saw Fred’s story whcih is totally worth a look at! The youtube clip and the info below the clip on the dedicated website is awesome! Really relevant to everyone in the community! Next September 2018 there will be a mental health one! Anyone wanting their patient experience stories included please see this useful resource – (WE NEED TO DO THIS!!)

2.15 – 2.45

Live discussion on being a new graduate and feedback from delegates via  Mentimeter

DFwS9ZLWsAEjJwC.jpg-largeThis summaries our feedback – no boring paper evaluation anymore!! Also find the Top Tips from qualified Occupational Therapists around the world in this storify  #NQOT17

2.50 – 3.20

The first year   Natalie Greenwell, Occupational Therapist, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

Tilly’s (Natalie’s) presentation was motivating in that she is a year into her practice and she has achieved so much, yet had so many hurdles. The key message I took from Tilly’s presentation was that as much as we might experience barriers (like our service users) in our practice we will find ways to adapt and learn! Keep learning and growing! And to quote @OTontheTracks…

‘Really brilliant presentation ‪@Tilly_OT & loved your use of ‪#HarryPotter themed quotes to illustrate! ‪#NQOT17


‘Dont ruminate of bad experiences. Learn from them and move on. @Tilly_OT #NQOT17

3.20 – 3.30 Closing remarks

Lots of us exchanged our twitter handles and vow to keep intouch!! A few of us #EssexOTstudents met up for a walk around. Thanks to  for this image that captured our after event catch up at #LoveBorough Market!


#nqot17  #ValueofOT #RCOTcareerframework @theRCOT  @mmshiells  @setG75


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